prix fixe

Choice of one appetizer, entrée & dessert.

$23.00+ per person
3-course prix fixe


Whipped butternut squash
with Whitelake goat’s curd and hazelnuts

Cuttlefish croquettes
with a herb mayonnaise

Cobb-smoked salmon ‘Hix cure’
with soda bread

Roasted mixed fish
with seashore vegetables

Buttered autumn vegetables
Cornish mid new potatoes

Temperley mess


£80.00 per person
Surf & Turf Feast


Traditional Oliver Salat
with Crystal Shrimps

Traditional Malaga Soup
with Scampi and Cantabrian’s Cockles

Mellow Rice with Jowls and Iberian Pork
Castanet and Green Garlic
with Thyme Bearnaise

Cod Loin with “Pintarroja” Stew
and Pumpkin

Beef Shank Cooked at 67 Degrees,
Glazed Small Onions and Grilled Asparagus

Lemon Tart with Lime Sorbet Basil
and Crumble